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Life/Date Coaching

Other Services Available through Data Check Dating

At Data Check Dating our aim is to, not only provide you a safe place to meet a potential love match, but to offer professional coaching and mentoring services.  If you have tried dating in the past and are feeling despondent about the whole process, our coaches can help you talk through any barriers or issues.  Our coaches will act as an objective third party with no bias to your situation.  A coach can help you explore feelings and thoughts and talk through your objectives and goals.  Your coach will help you draw up an action plan and support you through the whole process. 

Your personal coach is a professional who has experience of working on a one-to-one basis, with an excellent track record of helping clients reach their true potential.  The coaching services will be available through phone chat, email or face-to-face.  Our coaching services are customer focused, they are competitively priced and offer three channels of communication. We can offer: 

  • Advise on beginning your journey of online dating.  Our coaches will not teach you deceptive tricks in order to bag the perfect date, as some other coaches would.  We will teach you how to explore what you want to get from online dating, what you are looking for and how you can market the ‘real you’ in order to maximise your chances of successful dating.  
  • It will not involve role play or acting out in order to fake a personality that is not you. Rather, we will encourage you to tap into the your core beliefs, and work with your self awareness.  There may be some past dating experiences that my hinder you from moving forward, we can help you explore this, in a safe and confidential way.
  • We can help you explore your options and help and advise you on how to get the best of online dating and how to just be ‘the real you’.

You could opt for our Life/Date Coaching package that can help with:

  • Realising your true potential 
  • Building confidence & self esteem 
  • Find direction and purpose 
  • Set and meet realistic goals 
  • Manage stress 

Our coaches can guide you to engage with self-awareness and take control of your life.  Sabotage patterns of behaviour may prevent you from living the life you have always dreamt of, a trained coach can help you explore those sabotage pattern of behaviour and guide you toward living a fulfilled and happier life.  Emotions started their live as thoughts, your coach can help you explore your thinking and help you understand the connection between thought, emotions and actions that may result.

There are three packages available for Life Coaching

(1)  Email Coaching – This package would include: a six week coaching package, where you can work with your coach to draw up an action plan that will help you achieve your goals.  Your coach will guide you step by step to work through any barriers, core beliefs you hold or any sabotage patterns of behaviour.   (Contact us for cost)

(2)  Phone Coaching – This package would include: a call from your coach to introduce themselves and the coaching service available to you.  Your coach will then agree a time to call you on a weekly basis.  Your coach will work with you to explore your needs and wants and leave you  to lead the sessions.  You will be in full control of how the sessions will be directed; you are the one with all the answers, your coach is there to guide you and help you find the answers.  (Contact us for cost)

(3)  Face-to-Face – We can offer face-to-face coaching through Skype or in person.  Skype will always be the preferred way of contact; however coaches will be available for face-to-face coaching, depending on where you live.  At this time we have coaches who are  available in most cities in the UK.  (Contact us for cost).

Please contact us at:  [email protected] and let us know whether it is a Life coach or Date Coach you would like to make contact with.