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About Us

Data Check Dating – “Bringing People Together”

My name is Yvonne and I’m the creator of Data Check Dating. The site has been put together with a genuine desire to help others find that ‘someone special’ and to help prevent some of the pit-falls of joining a traditional dating website. I joined numerous websites going through countless photos and profiles hoping to find a life partner & I have to say I was disappointed to find so many profiles that were not genuine & members already in a relationship on some of these websites.
I didn’t have a clue what I was really looking for, but everything I wasn’t looking for was finding me.  I decided to do my in-depth research on these websites to find out what other people were experiencing and to see what they really wanted from a dating website.  Most of the people I spoke to were cautious when contacting other users, as they had also experienced fake profiles.  Most people agreed that an online dating website that could provide an ID checking system, would be a great idea.  I carried on with my research and stumbled across a not very well known dating site that allowed you to send one message for free. It was on that dating site that I met my soul mate, who is now my husband.  For over six years I have wanted to create a website I would have been happy to use myself, but it was only after watching a Panorama documentary in August 2013 called ‘Tainted Love’ that exposed certain websites, that had bought data, created fake profiles and even recruited their staff to write to new members posing as potential dates in order to cheat them into paying a fee. You can follow the link to the panorama programme at:  Watching this programme was the catalyst to Data Check Dating being created. After speaking with a professional web developer who advised on the process of putting this idea into action……I decided to through to go ahead with the creation of data check dating.   I have a small team of people who have helped me get this far and we have worked hard to ensure Data Check Dating is a safer way to date online.  We ‘do not’ cover Criminal Records checks, as this is optional to the user to provide if they want to escalate to level 3 verification, so it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe.  By providing this safer way to date online we are confident it will make it more difficult for individuals or groups to join the site with the sole intention of scamming; however they are always creating new way to deceive and defraud members of dating sites.  If you suspect any member of breaking our terms or conditions, or are acting suspiciously in any we, please report your concerns to: [email protected]